Sunday, 20 November 2011

Free Download Software (netcut) Breakers Wifi Internet Connection

Have you ever being in the Free Online HotSpot, WiFi, and LAN. as information only for add your knowledge. Maybe you've experienced it, are online at any hotspot, Er, suddenly your connection is broken. This software may be a mainstay for the lain.Nah ngerjain wifi users for the software you are looking for a wifi internet connection breakers, deh not worry, this time I will give it for free ..:)

But before I explain first what it netcut. 

Netcut is a Software that helps you network admin with purely on ARP protocol. IP-MAC Table lists in seconds, turn off & On network on any computer on your LAN, including devices such as router, switcher. Also, netcut can be protected user from ARP spoof attack
High intimate: Pure ARP protocol kernel.enhenced funcation cut, no one can escape from your cut of unless he has netcut installed and with protected funcation enabled.
Easy to use: One click to Protect user Computer Function! No one in the network can cut you off with ARP spoof technology anymore.
Effective: one Click to Cut down any computer s network connection to the gateway.
IYFT: Get all the IP addresses of computers on a LAN (Local Area Network) in Secs
High applicability: Work in office LAN, school LAN, or even ISP LAN
Have Fun with play the online computer make them online or off line remotely
Safe: TRACE Free, one will TRACE out what happened
and last More Stable, switch-hub or hub or cable lan any Lan use Ethernet
Netcut 20.8 is licensed as freeware for Windows operating systems / platforms.
Netcut provided as a free download to all users of the software (Freeware).
This software can also be used in windows 7.

Please download who want to try:


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